Good Neighbors: A Series #01

"A girl named Perry"

We pride ourselves in being a home for shoppers who are tired of brands with no roots. We give them a place to connect with brands that have a purpose and offer quality, effortless styles. 

We exist to connect with our community.

Good Neighbors is a series celebrating individuals with similar beliefs that inspire, pioneer and bring joy to our communities. 

For our very first Good Neighbors: A Series, we feature the girl, named Perry. We met Perry at an event in the Detroit store, in the blur of 2020 and were immediately captivated by her. Her outfit was cool and she was stuck at our jewelry case…  and the rest is history.

We joined Perry at her home in the Bagley neighborhood of Detroit, on a crisp, fall Saturday morning. We were greeted by her sweet French bulldog, Pierre and new instantly, we were in a special place.  

GN: Perry, we are LOVING your home! How long have you lived here? Tell us everything!

Perry: I’m originally from Boyne city and had been living in Chicago for about 8 years. I moved to Detroit in 2020-what an interesting time to move! I’ve been intrigued by Detroit for the past few years now and knew I wanted to live in this amazing city. My husband and I bought this house this year so most of our free time we’re decorating and making home improvements.

GN: Where do you find all your home decor?

Perry: I’m always searching and on the lookout for special pieces. I love resale and vintage shops and frequent Detroit Urban Artifacts. Can’t wait to take you there!

GN: Can you talk about your personal style more? What items are you excited to wear? What draws you to certain pieces?

Perry: I love pieces that are stylish, yet versatile, so I can style them many different ways. It helps me from getting bored with my closest and wearing the same outfits. 

GN: We LOVE that you took the hot pink Girlfriend Collective set on you hiking trip this past summer. Are you’re a huge fan of the brand?

Perry: Girlfriend Collective is my main go-to for comfy, colorful pieces I can dress up or down. At the moment, my favorite combo is the leggings paired with the bra, an off-the-shoulder crop, knit sweater and flannel tied around my waist and high-top sneakers. I love that they strive for sustainability in every aspect of their business.

GN: We met you at one of our events, at the time you worked for a local magazine, running their social media. Where has your career taken you since moving to the city?

Perry: I’ve been a freelance photographer and working in the digital marketing world for the past 10 years. I’ve recently started working for an amazing Michigan-based cannabis company called Pleasantrees, creating content and managing social media.

GN: How exciting! What do you like about your new role?

Perry: It’s a fast pace environment that keeps me on my toes, which I love! There aren’t a lot of women currently working in cannabis, but that’s changing quickly too and I'm excited to be a part of such an exciting and evolving industry!

From Perry’s super cool house, we caffeinated up at one of her favorite spots The Gathering Coffee Co. then headed over to Detroit Urban Artifacts.  Kicking off Good Neighbors with Perry has been a joy and we look forward to following along as she continues to settle into her new city.

Perry is wearing:

Photos by Francesca Cereja
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