Good Neighbors: A Series #02

"Victoria and her Botanical Bar"

We pride ourselves in being a home for shoppers who are tired of brands with no roots. We give them a place to connect with brands that have a purpose and offer quality, effortless styles. 

We exist to connect with our community.

Good Neighbors is a series celebrating individuals with similar beliefs that inspire, pioneer and bring joy to our communities.


Meet Victoria, a non-profit leader and a serial entrepreneur passionate about food access, urban farming, mental health wellness and philanthropy.

We met Victoria and her Botanical Bar at a Farmer's Market in Indianapolis, hosted her and her plants at weekend pop-up that turned into a 6 month pop that turned into a friendship. She is one of the first friends we made in Indy and we're so happy to be able to share ideas, dream big and watch her business grow.

GN:  Can you share with us the how/when/why Botanical Bar came to fruition?

Victoria: During the lockdown, I reconnected with my love of houseplants and launched The Botanical Bar, combining my love of food and plants. When I visited local plant stores and coffee shops, I never saw anyone who looked like me working or owning the stores. As a result, I often didn't feel welcome; this inspired me to launch my own business. I founded The Botanical Bar in 2020 and hit the ground running by hosting several pop-up shops, including farmers' markets. We are grateful to have developed a relationship with several businesses around Indianapolis, specifically the relationship we've built with Good Neighbor, a woman-owned business.


GN: How is business? What does the future hold for Botanical Bar?

Victoria: Partnerships ( like the Good Neighbor pop-up) are the reasons why The Botanical Bar has grown exponentially.

In 2021, I signed a lease to open my first brick and mortar, intending to open this year. One piece of advice I would give when opening a retail store is to be patient and always be prepared for something to happen. Take a deep breath and make the best decision you can for you and your business.  

GN: Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster! How as your experience been so far? 

Victoria: Being an entrepreneur already has its set of challenges, but being a Black entrepreneur is extremely difficult but rewarding. Building your own business can be lonely, so it's essential to have people around to support your dreams. Everyone won't always understand your vision, but it's not for them to see; it's your vision.

GN: Clearly, this is more than just a plant shop for you. What is your goal with Botanical Bar and what to do you want to bring to the community?

Victoria: As a Black woman, I understand the importance of having safe spaces to build community. My goal is that the Botanical Bar will provide a safe space for people of color to connect over the love of plants, coffee, and food. Our goal is to inspire our community by creating an oasis; that will bring people a little closer to nature with indoor plants, urban farming, seasonal flavors, and good food, all paired in a cozy atmosphere. 

The Botanical Bar pop-up looking super cute in our windows!


Victoria is wearing:

Cassidy Sweater + Nora Pant

Annie Henley Sweater + Carey Pant 

Aurora Dress-Charcoal